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This course will provide an understanding of the functions of the nervous system in both the horse and other mammals including ourselves. It will provide valuable information in understanding common issues with horse interactions and provide skills for sensing emotional states and responding in appropriate ways. It will introduce some functional skills to aid the wellbeing, resilience, and learning abilities of the horse, also benefitting the handler in regulating nervous system responses to stress.

Gain an insight into how the nervous system relates to:

  • Spooky horses
  • Separation anxiety and neurotic behaviour
  • Setbacks in training and learning difficulties
  • Avoidant horses
  • Shut-down or resistant horses
  • Aggressive or pushy, nibbly, fidgety horses
  • Gait, stiffness and crookedness problems
  • Gastric or immunity problems

Limited time offer $30 for 1 year of access to this course (normally $50).